Thursday, July 30, 2009

East Beach Wine Tries Downtown On For Size

If you haven't heard or noticed, East Beach Wine is moving from lower Milpas to La Arcada. They are taking over the space that used to be the designer home furniture space across from the old Stateside. I sure hope they can keep their following there. The rents are kept lower in La Arcada (a trend the descendents of the old owners have kept going) and the feel of the alley is cozy and local.

If we could only get a new restaurant that could generate the kind of following necessary to make it in a size like the old Acapulco (Stateside) space. There is a lot of real estate in there and they need a lot of bodies on a daily basis to make it work. Too small and off State for most national restaurant brands but maybe someone will prove me wrong.

On a final note, make sure if you go that you get a haircut at the barbershop. I was in the other day and I would hate to lose Frank and Hank. They aren't spring chickens anymore but they are Santa Barbara institutions.

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  1. A nice, relaxing margarita serving restaurant could do well. Stateside was uncomfortable, snobby, mismanaged and served unappetizing food. It was trying to be something that the space didn't want to be. If someone would cater to the tourist and workingclass peeps in town, it could do well (i.e., reasonablely priced accessible food and a good happy hour)