Monday, July 6, 2009

Downtown Vons is Closing, Whole Foods Sign is Up

The Vons store at Chapala and Victoria is closing on August 8th. Previously, they were set to close in January at the close of escrow by the new buyer. They were able to extend for some extra time though.

The new owners are planning a mixed use redevelopment and while it could take several years for something to be built the ownership will consider short term leases for the space. It could be perfect for a short term Farmer's Market or other use that needs a lot of open space and parking. Someone could find a home for 1-2 years while the development happens.

On the flip side, the Whole Foods on Upper State now has a temporary sign out in front letting people know they are coming to town. It will still be many months before the store is ready to open (think 2010) but they want the buzz to build. I know I can't wait for them to open. This is just what Santa Barbara has been waiting for. Sorry Gelsons and Lazy Acres.

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